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The Story of The Eco Tourism In The Abandoned Village




I would like to tell you about the rising of my Pure Life Village eco village project in the first writing of my blog.

I have been working as a general manager in Liberty Hotels Lara in Lara/Antalya. I have had a dream for ages to add something to tourism sector by developing
an extraordinary tourism project for the environment and poor people living in a countryside.

I decided to come true the project in my dream five years ago in Beğiş susuz village,12 km away from the town of korkuteli which is the paradise of oxigen and  fruit. People had a life without water for ages in the houses of the village being instructed years ago by being used stone-wood-soil without being used technology
and concrete.

The water of rain pouring down the roof the houses was collected in the wells and used as drinking water. The villagers moved a plateau with their animals in the summer and they had a hard but happy life there. The village is surrounded by mountains and there is a lowland having thousands of hectare in the down of the village. It is apparently seen on the web site of  www.purelifevillage.com

http://tjingo.nl/turkije/korkuteli/pure-life-village ) . They had lunch- bbq
They were welcomed by the villagers hospitable behaviour. They said that they were affected from the village because it remained original for ages and they spent
a nice and special day. They thanked to us many times for this. I request you to open the link
http://www.purelifevillage.com/PURELIFE-VIDEO.aspx for the detailed information for the trip.
As a result ; our work of second aim of the project has been going on.

award-winning wines in there (http://www.likyawine.com/).

It is suitable for me to name the project as pure life village because the village remained original and was insructed by stone-soil-wood without being used technology
for ages.

I am going to tell you about a day in the village years ago apparently in my next writing. I am going to share the mysterious life including sex lifes from one morning to
another. And also, I am sure you will be affected so much.

Also you can follow us on ; 


Hope To See You
Mehmet Biçer
Pure Life Village

In addition, our renovation work has been going on in the vilage. And, our social facility occurring from restaurant-wine house-swimming pool will open to serve
as soon as possible .There will be a wine house with

The aims of the project:

1- Solving the problem of water in the village.

2- Making a center of dynamic and happy life again by bringing tourism to the village.

The first aim of the project will have come true on the 12th august. The work of bringing water to the village and also Samandır village 15km far from it has begun as a result of the work of our government and the press. Me and my friends who believe this project are excited about that water will come from the taps of the villagers and the first aim of the project will come true in august.

Our work about the second aim of the project has been going on. The renovation work of some of the village houses finished and it can be stayed at there.

The foreign tour operators are interested in our project.70 pax from our dutchtour operator Isropa sale authorities came to the village (

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