22 Haziran 2012 Cuma

Nostalgia at Village of Eco Tourism / A Winter Day in 1940



I told about the origin of the  story of  pure life village eco tourism Project in my previous writing. In this blog, I would like to tell  you that the story of a winter day in 1940 from the village  constructed with Stone-soil-wood without using technology.

Year 1960; The life in the village was both different and hard. Just  think you live in a house without electricity and water. Think that you can not take a shower whenever you want and you spend your time  in the darkness in the evenings. Think that you walk on the way  not being asphalt on a winter day, how  we feel so angry because our shoes got wet and mud!! This is like a punishment for  a person who got accustomed to live in a city. Let’s look from a different perspective  to the village life without thinking these negative sides.

10 Haziran 2012 Pazar

Ekolojik Köyde Nostalji / 1940, Bir Kış Günü !...



Bir önceki blog yazımda Pure Life Village Eco Turizm projesinin doğuş hikayesini anlatmıştım. Bu bloğumda taş-toprak-odun ile hiç teknoloji kullanılmadan kurulmuş köyden 1940 yıllarına ait bir kış gününün hikayesini anlatmak istiyorum.