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Nostalgia at Village of Eco Tourism / A Winter Day in 1940



I told about the origin of the  story of  pure life village eco tourism Project in my previous writing. In this blog, I would like to tell  you that the story of a winter day in 1940 from the village  constructed with Stone-soil-wood without using technology.

Year 1960; The life in the village was both different and hard. Just  think you live in a house without electricity and water. Think that you can not take a shower whenever you want and you spend your time  in the darkness in the evenings. Think that you walk on the way  not being asphalt on a winter day, how  we feel so angry because our shoes got wet and mud!! This is like a punishment for  a person who got accustomed to live in a city. Let’s look from a different perspective  to the village life without thinking these negative sides.

A life with no technology!!! The people spend much more time with each other. And , it is the most important thing they know how to rest. The children can play on the way  comfortably without fear. They don’t race with  time. But They know everything has right time to do. Every family has 7-11 Children. It looks hard to feed all of these family members but actually not. They were happy and peaceful. Because they did trust and give importance to their neighbors, friends and each other. their expectation changed by day by with the technology in the village and especially young members  of the village began to move cities. That’s why we are very happy because the life began  again in this village with our Project of pure life village eco tourism.

How did the people live in 1940s? Here is the story of a day in the village.
(I would like tell a story of a winter day because they lived in the village in winters and they moved to the highlands in summers)

The village life  goes slowly especially in winters. The day starts with crow and   Ezan voice (the call to prayers) that imam gives the call with his original voice by walking around minaret. The lady of house  has already gotten up and burned fireplace. She has put a traditional tarhana soup with sweet-scented on one side of fireplace , on another side a pitcher.

The water in the pitcher and the washbowl  are put the entry of the door because the toilet is outside in the courtyard. The hands and faces are washed there. While The wife is preparing the breakfast, the husband  feed the animals in the courtyard, cleaned the barn. They all together milk the cows. And then, they have breakfast with honey being produced by themselves, milk, cheese being made by themselves, dreg of cheese, and  flatbread heated on the cooker, butter and traditional tarhana soup which cannot forgotten its taste. You feel more hungry  when you smell delicious  butter put on the flatbread. After breakfast, The animals are taken outside according to the weather conditions. While the lady of the house is filling the bucket with the water by getting from the well, the husband is chopping the wood with an ax in the courtyard. All family members  meet again for the lunch. There are Traditional tarhana soup, dried vegetables or meal cooked from different herbs and ayran. After lunch, they visit their neighbors for a few minutes. These are the short and hurry-up  talks . And  evening time! The animals are put their barn. The baby animals are feeded with milk. While the animals are having their provender, they are  milked. At dinner there are Sarma, pancake with cheese, bulgur pilaf, chickpea or dried beans and ayran. They eat the meat  twice or three times a month which they hunted or feeded themselves , chicken, fish or bird meat…They actually visit their neighbours after dinner. They stay long time. Thyme tea is served  which is boiled on the fireplace, and a person feels better and de-stressed even its smell.(Black hive honey is used instead of sugar because of not being sugar.)They listen the news or traditional songs from the battery-powered radio which  few people have in the village. And , an intense chat starts and it  takes a person to far  far  away.

After this visit they come back home, The fire of wood burning gives a traditional atmosphere to room. There are two rooms. Mother and father go to their room.And all members of family sleep very well after a tiring day.

Wardrope and a bathroom of house

A new day  but the same as the others starts with the sunrise. The life goes on by knowing the kinds of the seasons ,Without knowing where time sweep us.

We would like to present for the usage of the holidaymaker  some sections of the old days in the village  by making it live again with the project of the pure life eco tourism.

These are:

1-The meals  on the menu are going to consist of the natural vegetables , fruits and herbs from the village as much as possible.

2- The village works such as  milking the cows, making bread, heating with the stove, cooking, growing vegetables…etc… are going to be revived.

In addition, While we are trying to revive all of these things, we are going to take the holidaymakers from the complexity of the city life. Although  the city life presents us all of the facilities, we cannot rest our body and spirit. We will succeed to listen our spirit and be us while doing all of these village works.

I kindly request to write your comments to find answers for the questions below.

1-The lifelong of the village is 85-90.This is higher than Turkey standards. What is the reason?

2-How is a healthy life  although they  don’t obey the rules of hygene? (drinking water from rain, no shampoo and  sabun ,cleaning the things with  ash, the toilet is outside….)

3-Every family has 7-11 children. There is no infertility problem. At present 40 per cent of families have babies with the help of medical method. What is the reason of this?

One of stone houses which we restore

In my opinion The reasons are ;

1 - Eating habits changes day by day.

2 – Most of the food has hormone  

3 – Industrialization

4 – There is no healthy weather conditions because of improving technology.

In addition, one of the biggest reasons is the complexity of city life (Another biggest one is politicians’ behaviors.)

What do you think about these things???


Pure Life Village



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